This is the new TRVL, which we will make better every day, pushing the reader experience to the best we can think of. If you have a question about TRVL or if your experience does not turn out the way we've designed and developed it, please contact us. The most frequently asked questions are answered below. We hope you can continue to enjoy reading TRVL Magazine on iPad.

I have purchased a Photo Book before, will I be charged again?

Every In-App purchase is linked to your Apple ID, so you won't be charged again. You can buy directly from within the app, or transfer your purchases through the "Settings" menu item.

Where can I find the caption, setting, GPS and photographer's credit?

By swiping a photo upwards with one finger, information about the photo will be revealed. That is where you can share photos on Facebook and Twitter, too! We made it really easy. We will make it more intuitive in one of our next updates as well.

How can I close a magazine?

When you arrive at the end of the magazine, a long swipe to the left will fold back the magazine to the store. Also in Preview mode (zoom out on a magazine in full screen mode), you will see the store in the background. Tap there and you will transition back to the store.

How can I turn off my paid subscription?

We can't do this for you, but we do want to tell you how to turn off an auto renewable subscription.

  • Please go to the App Store.
  • Tap "Featured" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Tap the "Apple ID" button in the lower-left corner. (If you are not signed in, tap the "Sign In" button, and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, scroll back to the bottom of the page, and tap the "Apple ID" button.)
  • Tap the View Apple ID button.
  • Enter your password and tap "OK".
  • From the main account page, scroll down and tap "Manage App Subscriptions". If you don't have app subscriptions this button will not be displayed.
  • You'll then be taken to your App Subscriptions page.
  • From your Manage App Subscription page, choose an app subscription.
  • Tap the Subscription Category for which you want to disable auto-renewal.
  • Tap "On" to toggle the switch to "Off".

Apple has a great support article as well.

Where are my downloaded magazines?

Every magazine now lives in the Cloud. This way you won't have a problem with storage on your iPad. Every magazine can also be saved for offline reading by switching the "Save for Offline Reading" switch. With the best algorithms, we have been able to cut retina magazines that were 200MB, down to to less than 30MB. That means that downloading any issue of TRVL will be blazingly fast (depending on your internet connection).

Our goal is to enable every reader to just pick up and start reading TRVL immediately, just like you would with print. You don't have to think about downloading. We are pushing the boundaries here and will continue to make this better.

I can't find TRVL for iPhone, where is it?

We are working on bringing TRVL to iPhone and iPod Touch. Stay tuned.

The TRVL app crashed?

We're really sorry about that. We want to bring you the best reading experience and apparently we've overlooked something. Could you please send an e-mail to in which you include your iOS version, your iPad version, the magazine you were reading and any other details you might think will help us solve the problem for all our readers. Thank you for reporting!

Can I find TRVL on the Google Play or Kindle store?


Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

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